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Hey guys, I've read several of your blend recipes in these forums over the years (e.g. Mrs. Hudson's) and wanted to start a thread to capture some of your favorites. So please share blend recipes that you've created or discovered so we all can enjoy them.


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    For the record, and once again for newcomers, and for any aromatic smoker who hasn't tried it .... Our own @Ghostsofpompeii is always coming up with a new combination of tobacco blends. He's even into "stacking" (packing layers of different blends/flavors in one bowl). In my humble opinion, his finest creation is ........

    Mrs. Hudson's 221B 
    Bakery Street Blend

    Sherlock Holmes probably smoked a strong English blend. Naming a sweet aromatic after him would be inappropriate and ungentlemanly. The name Mrs. Hudson’s is a reference to Sherlock Holmes' landlady. 

    Mrs. Hudson’s is made from Sutliff bulk tobaccos, sold by the ounce, and blended together as follows: 

    Three parts (or 3 oz.) Sutliff Vanilla Custard

    Two parts (or 2 oz.) Sutliff Chocolate Mousse

    One part (or 1 oz.) Sutliff Crème Brulee

    Some folks prefer to substitute one part (or 1 oz.) Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dolce (tin) for the very similar bulk Creme Brûlée.

    Historical note: The original recipe called for “….a pinch or two of Sutliff Irish Creme.”  @Ghostsofpompeii says it could be omitted without harming the blend.

    Mrs. Hudson's 221B Bakery Street Blend — easy to light and keep lit, great taste, excellent room note; no bite, no goop, and no negative ghosting.

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