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Tobacco Vending Machine Lost in History.

One of my favorite youtube channels is The History Guy. It's a great way to learn things that, as he puts it, "has been forgotten in history."
In this episode, he talks about the history of vending machines. Who knew that the first tobacco vending machine was in English taverns in the 1500s.


  • It's funny that the cigarette machines have all but vanished as a way of keeping kids from having easy access to cigarettes - yet the condom machines in many gas station rest rooms are still around. And I'm sure many of us with pre-teen and teenage daughters aren't too happy about that either. Although easy access to condom machines probably helps the spread of social diseases, AIDS, and teenage pregnancy. But if the reason for banning the machines is to protect the kids by making it more difficult from obtaining smokes - then it stands to reason that easy access to the condom machine keeps kids from the embarrassing situation of purchasing condoms from a male or female clerk at a drug store.
    I'm reminded of the scene in the remake of "The Blob" where a kid buys condoms from a Pharmacist at a local drug store, then later that evening when the kid picks up his date he discovers her father is the Pharmacist who sold him the condoms.   
  • I don't believe I've ever seen a vending machine that dispensed pipe tobacco. Saw a lot of cigarette machines in my day - but never one that sold OTC pipe tobacco blends.
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