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Storing pipes

Can you store pipes in a cigar humidor with out the cigars 


  • @DavidR002
    If they fit you can. It won't affect the pipes.
    Don't know about pipe tobacco though.
  • DavidR002DavidR002 Connoisseur
    You answered my question thanks. We are moving and may not be able to display my pipes.
  • @DavidR002
    I am no expert by any means, this is just my two cents, but personally I would not put them in a humidor with the humidity set for cigar storage (60-70%?).  I think it would be too wet and the pipe (I guess I am assuming briar?) would never dry out correctly.  Good quality briar suppliers and pipe makers take great pains to dry out their briar as much as possible.  If the humidity is up in the humidor (60-70%?) I would think eventually the briar would absorb enough moisture that the stem would stick in the shank if the stem was even marginally tight to begin with.
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