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Your favorite pipe.

I know it's hard to pick just one pipe from your collection. But inevitably there is always one that is your favorite smoker. I figured I would start a thread to hear and see what and why all our favorites are. 
I'll start with this old Amphora, it came from my grandfathers collection and smokes like a champ. Looking forward to seeing what's out there!


  • If I had to choose,  my favorite pipe is the one that draws well, is bent perfectly in a straight way to hang and be held perfectly, smokes cool, feels comfy in my hand and makes me look thirty years younger.  I forgot the name but you all know the one I am talking about.
  • I am partial to the Carey magic inch system pipes, but also love the Peterson P-lip on a bent billiard like the 69. 
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    Well, it use to be the first pipe I made from scratch with a molded stem, but it has since been replaced with the newest pipe I made from beginning to end, briar block, ebonite rod, spalted hackberry stem inlay, and a reverse calabash chamber.  The thing about making your own pipe is that you can make any size, shape, and color you desire, contingent on the size of the block, your tools, and your level of skill. 🙂
  • @Danfriedman
    Hmm, I want that thirty years younger pipe, I think all of mine make me look older. 😬
  • Lol @Danfriedman that sounds like one hell of a pipe. The 30 years younger thing is key. If only all pipes were that amazing. 😂
  • I chose that particular amphora because it's just small enough for sneaking a quick pipe in here and there, and the bowl is nice and thick so it really doesn't heat up at all.  Man it's hard to choose!
  • @Danfriedman I'm trying to decide if the Peterson spigot pipes are worth spending the extra cash on. I don't need anymore pipes but........
  • @Zouave , I think the basic system is enough for a great smoke. The Spigot is just a nicety. I would buy 2 basic systems for the price of one silver spigot if I were going to buy at all.  The p-lip is a nice feeling bit for me.

  • This is the Savinelli Piazza di Spanga. It was my very first Savinelli and is my favorite hands down. This is a very unique pipe from the carving, band, color and awesome prince shape. This smokes consistently well time and time again, feels amazing in your hand, balances perfect if clenching, looks very sexy when in hand and the bonus, it does reduce your age by 7 years. Sadly, this pipe is hard to find if at all. I've had some buddies trying to find it with no luck.  I'm keeping mine so don't even ask. 
  • My very first EA Carey, circa 1964
  • Alternative question: 

    What's Your Favorite Shape?

  • Which Pipe Is My Favorite? by Chip Kushner 9/26/16

    I have been collecting pipes for about a decade now and I still get a thrill when I find a new pipe and add it to my collection. Friends often ask which pipe is my favorite. My usual answer is my latest addition; it's my newest toy. That said I have built up a fair collection, and sometimes my newest toy is a pipe I take from my rack that I haven't smoked for several years and only recently rediscovered. It's a new toy all over again.

    But I find there are pipes on my rack that simply stay there. I pick them up, admire them, and put them back unsmoked. One side of my brain says if you don't smoke it, trade it in, move it on to someone who will get the enjoyment out of it you used to. The other side of my brain admires its beauty, remembers when I got it, and doesn't want to let it go. This is the side that often wins out.

    And then there are some pipes with which, even though I no longer smoke them, I will not be parted. They may hold a particular memory, they may have been gifts, or they may be pieces that I know, once gone, I may never find again. Often though it is just a beautiful pipe that due to size, style, or something, I would not buy again today.

    When I do let that other side of my brain win out and allow myself to trade a pipe that I no longer smoke, moving it along to a new home, believe it or not I never regret it. In fact, I can honestly think of no better way to have the thrill of finding a new pipe and having a potential new favorite all over again.

  • I’ve changed my favorite pipe.... my original Carey drops to number two.

    This is my precious. One of you gave it to me several months ago, and I am ashamed to admit I don’t recollect who.... If it’s you, speak up so I can gush over your kindness and generosity.

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