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You Know You're a Hardcore Pipe Smoker When...



  • You know your a hardcore pipe smoker when you sit outside your front door during a major hurricane and smoke your pipe while watching the wind try and uproot a tree. 
  • @pipeguyaz64
    Guilty on ALL counts! 😊
  • @PappyJoe, been there, done that, got that T-shirt.
    I sat on the downwind side of my house trying to light a cigar during a hurricane.  Eventually it worked, but took a while.
  • @mfresa


    That's the number of hurricanes or deadly storms I either lived through or worked. Including about 14 I worked while on active duty in the Coast Guard. Want to talk fun? Try driving through a hurricane to in order to arrive at the same time as the eye passed over Corpus Christi or sitting through a storm so you could be on one of the first helicopters to fly into an area. 

    Two of the storms were at sea. One in the Arctic and one coming up from the Antarctic. Every been on a ship when it takes a 63 degree roll?

    I gave all the t-shirts to Goodwill and just burned the underwear.
  • @PappyJoe, you are one brave man.  I would have crapped my pants.
  • @PappyJoe
    Sounds like @PappyJoe did 🙂
    Which is understandable🙂

    I’ve seen a documentary/science/history? show about some of the Coast Guard Boats? Ship? Not sure what differentiates the two?  Anyway, I guess some (of the smaller ones?) are designed to be able to actually roll completely over and bob back up.  Better have the hatches and portals closed😳
  • @RockyMountainBriar
    That would probably have been about the Coast Guard's National Motor Lifeboat School or some of the rescue craft that are used nationwide. Technically, the National Motor Lifeboat school was founded in 1980, but reality is that the Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment at the mouth of the Columbia River had been used to train rescue boat crews since the early 1960s. It's a dangerous school and mission. The last case I worked when I was stationed in Seattle was a training accident about a mile upriver from the Columbia River Bar. A rouge wave hit a 41-foot utility boat on a night training exercise and flipped it. We lost three Coast Guardsmen that night. 

    Here's a good video if anyone is interested. The action starts right around the one minute mark.

  • It was a Seattle CG Station from what I remember.  The boat had a fully enclosed bridge and the boat was “self-righting”.  Similar to the orange/black one in this youtube video.  Sorry, I don’t know how to link the video.

    Roughest RNLI lifeboat rescues in huge waves and stormy seas
  • I think I found the boat, a USCG RB-M (Response Boat-Medium).  There is a youtube “self-righting” test of the boat.  The video I saw showed the boat going through a huge wave, they are like a submarine that can’t (and shouldn’t) dive🙂.  Cool and Impressive!
  • ZouaveZouave Master
    usually I see this in reverse, but the other day I caught the local coast guard getting towed back into port by a cabin cruiser. I'm guessing someone had a bad day.
  • @Zouave
    I don’t see a tow line. 
  • ZouaveZouave Master
    @PappyJoe you can just make it out off the bow and Stern of the two boats. I was too far away for a good picture, had to zoom in.  It struck me as so odd Thats why I snapped the picture.
  • @Zouave

    Back in the dark ages when I was on active duty, something like that would create a problem for whoever was at fault. 
  • @Woodsman, nice to hear from you again!
  • @ghostsofpompeii
    Saw this on youtube and thought of you....

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