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  • Our day is coming up, Happy Veterans to all.
  • Well said gentleman.
  • Thank you gentleman and Amen. 
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    You are very gracious; thank you.
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    Thank you, @motie2. A great invocation...
  • Thank you for that, a truly deep and touching tribute.
  • Truly humbled by that story @pwkarch
    The greatest generation!
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    I had an uncle that was in the Navy when Pearl Harbor was attacked, another served fighting in a tank division against Rommel, my father and his twin brother served in Japan near the end of the war in an Army engineer battalion.  I have another uncle that served in Vietnam in the Air Force, an older cousin that served in Vietnam in the Navy, and an other uncle in the Army in Germany at the same time.  My brother served two tours in Iraq Desert Storm as a Marine Corp Recon Sniper, and another tour in Afghanistan in an infantry unit as a Gunnery Sergeant.  He came in just under the age limit in his second and third tours...they increased the limit both times just enough.  He also transferred from his original Recon unit to the infantry unit so he could go to Afghanistan as his original unit was not going to come up in rotation soon enough for him to serve in Afghanistan.  He retired from the Corp a few years ago.  I also have four cousins that served in the Army, one a woman.  Another cousin’s husband is an Army Ranger and has served in many clandestine missions.  I have another younger brother that served in the same Marine Recon unit for awhile, but transferred to an Army unit and finished his 4-6 year? stint.  He decided he did not want a career in the military and was honorably discharged before Desert Storm so he was never “in country”.

    Through all of this, all of my family members (as far as I know) that have served in combat zones made it home alive and kick’in, with no major physical wounds.  Thank you Lord🙏🏻
  • Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow veterans. I had an uncle in the Army Air Corp in WWII but had just finished his training when the war ended so he didn't see anytime overseas. My ex-brother-in-law was drafted and did two tours in Vietnam and was discharged a couple of years after being assigned stateside. They said he had problems integrating back into a peacetime unit - what they call PTSD and provide some treatment for these days.
  • @RockyMountainBriar

    A fine military and truly American family you have there. My one Grandfather served in the Army in WW1. WW2 had my Dad, my Uncle (who died years later while still in the Army as a CWO at 35 years), another Uncle who was a Army Air Force Pilot in the Pacific. I had another Uncle who was Air Force during the Korean "Police Action". Then came the sixties, watching  the TV news every night I knew what I was going to end up doing, I joined the US Navy and ended up on a Minesweeper, I could not afford College Tuition, my Parents could not afford to send me so off to the Recruter I went. That sort of ended the string of events. I have an older cousin who was not qualified physically and got married to insure his exemption. I also have a younger Cousin who was too young for the draft or to enlist. So we as a family contributed to the American system of Volunteering, and serving in the Military to ensure our way of life.Thank God my son was not required to serve as the timing was not right for him, but I worry about my 5 Grandsons with what goes on today throughout the world.
  • Thank you for that. Always interested in what you Post.
  • Caught my attention, saw it in my email. For some reason the only posts that show up on a regular basis are concerning Has Anyone Created Their Own Pipe.
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