Do You Always Dry Out Your Moist Aromatics?

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I often read in the comments about drying out moist aromatics before smoking them ... but even my goopiest blend ...  Molto Dolce ... I smoke right out of the tin without much trouble. (I realize Molto Dolce is a bad example because even a tin that's been opened a month or two will still be moist and sticky to the touch). But that blend aside, do you always dry out your moist tobacco before filling your pipe? And if so for how long? How long is too long? And does drying it before smoking detract from the natural sweetness that the casing provides?  


  • I too, have never made any effort to dry my aro blends before smoking.
  • I feel like I have too due to being such a wet smoker. Even dry-er English blends need to be dried out a little bit for me.
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    I don't take the time to dry out any of my aros - ever.  Just too impatient I think.  But like @ghostsofpompeii I smoke Molto Dulce straight out of the time all the time with no trouble really.  I might have to relight a bit the first quarter of the bowl but usually burns on down after that.

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    I don’t as a rule dry out any of my favorite aromatic blends , how ever I will admit the thought has entered my mind when I get Molto Dulce, as ghost said how long is to long.
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    I should mention that aromatics smoke dry in an EA Carey pipe. Sure, there’s a wet dottle when you are done, but that affects the bowl and shank (stummel?), and is easily remedied with a pipe cleaner and air drying. But no excessive moisture gets into the stem.... or your mouth. The so-called “Magic Inch” device absorbs and then evaporates the moisture. That’s why almost all of my pipes are EA Carey pipes. The damn things work exactly as described. And thankfully, there are a lot of them available for modest sums, albeit used, on eBay. I had kept two Carey’s from my first pipe life, and have bought a dozen more since taking up the pipe again in 2016. Go through the EA Carey folder for more of my bloviating about EA Carey.
  • That black cavendish I had which burned out my MacArthur Classic in a single smoke was very moist and goopy, and that was after many different days that had I taken the lid off the jar for hours to let anything with a mind to, escape.
  • Never care about dry out any tobacco. 
  • Depends on the blends, but I generally load and let sit for 1 to 3 hrs. Could be all in my head, but they seem to light easier and stay lit longer...
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