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My Newest Pipe, and I'm ecstatic!! Oom Paul Shape Ardor Giant sized Moretti Pipe from Italy.

A few weeks ago, I attended a Pipe Club meeting, which was my first, and at that meeting I met Steve Monjure, and viewed his very nice collection of Ardor Pipes. His giant sized pipes really caught my attention, but so did their prices. What I did not know that night was that he was letting go of them for 25% off. The following week I searched Ardor Pipes, and reviewed a little history of them. I've been a big fan of pipes carved in Italy, and the majority of my collection are Italian Pipes. I have a few Caminetto's, A couple Savenelli's, and four Il Ceppo's, so adding an Ardor Pipe to my collection seemed logical, if I could find the size and shape that intrigued me. In searching online, I came across some Moretti Pipes, which were described as Ardor Giant Sized. I absolutely fell in love with an Oom Paul shaped Giant. I was able to ask a few questions, in which the seller had them described as new and unsmoked, and best of all was willing to accept offers. He shot me off a price I couldn't refuse, Nearly 30% off his asking price, So I pulled the trigger and grabbed it. I'll include a few pictures of my new pipe, which will do it NO justice, The size of this awesome pipe is tremendous, I'll list also the pipes description so you can try to visualize it:

Weight: 7.7 ounces

Bowl Height: 3.5 inches

Chamber Depth: 3 inches

Bowl Width: 2.5 inches

Factory XXL bag included.

A legitimate Magnum sized pipe with 3 inches of chamber and a bowl 3.5 inches tall! With a 2.5 inch wide bowl this should smoke cool for hours if you pack it full. I love an Oom Paul shape and the way they hang disperses much of the weight.

Because of its size it gets a pretty high 4 Delta 2 grade.

New Ardor Giant Sized Oom Paul Pipe By Moretti 7.7 Ounces! Smooth Recessed Rim Condition is New.

Hopefully the pictures come out visible for everyone, When reclining with this pipe, it almost reminds me of a smaller version of a saxophone. She is absolutely a great smoker, and the stem is Acrylic. I promise you I'll be enjoying this pipe for many moons to come! Just wanted to share my excitement with y’all. She is a Beast.


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