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I recently heard a radio talk show with guests who are in the business of raising and selling industrial hemp. It doesn't have enough of the active ingredient (THC ?) that its relatives the marijuana plants have, so it can't get anybody high (iff’n they’re normal, anyway). It seems that a part of the industrial hemp plant is suitable for smoking, and a lot of people are already doing so. They seem to agree that it helps them to relax.

Makes me wonder if we'll sooner or later see trial products of pipe tobacco blends which contain some proportion of industrial help.

Or, if tobacco is ever legislated away, will there be blends with industrial hemp, tomato leaves, potato leaves, deertongue, mugwort, etc., from startup companies.
Here’s a .pdf booklet I ran across on herbal smoking mixtures. And a couple more on flavoring and other ingredients added to tobacco.



  • Herbal smoking just sounds gross and frankly it stinks.  I have seen these alternative blends and I just can't bring myself to do it.  

    I just think it's interesting the government is saying weed is ok (justifing any kind at this point little by little) but tobacco is an evil killer. They don't put weed in the same classification as tobacco though, why? I don't consider pipe tobacco the same as cigarettes at all but it's lumped under the same classification. We don't even inhale this stuff for God's sake!

    What's the push for herbal-weed smoking?  I don't see the money trail unless they are trying to replace the Tobacco money trail they distroyed. 

    When I was growing up, weed was evil and losers used the drug. Tobacco was a form of relaxation.  How things got twisted.

  • I dunno, but the majority of the pot-smokers I've encountered in the past (who carry on about how much they smoked) tended to be among the dullest people alive. And a lot of them were very easily impressed by the inanities they spouted, so I guess that's where the myth that "pot makes you creative"  may have started.
  • @motie2
    Have you ever dealt with that company? The listed prices seems a little high. 

    I like pipestud for vintage tobaccos. 
  • @PappyJoe

    I agree, but they sometimes have stuff that Pipestud doesn’t. It all depends on what you want, and how much do you want it?
  • If I hold out for 10 years I'll have a fortune in my cellar!! B)
  • Londy3Londy3 Master
    edited February 2020
    @mfresa provided there are enough buyers for what you have in 10 years 😜
  • @Londy3 , yes, well if I have to smoke them myself, it won't break my heart :smile:
  • Does anyone have any clue as to where I might find an old tin of Vauen "Pepper" pipe tobacco? I found it reviewed n one of the other pipe forums, and it sounded exactly like something I would want to try. Much appreciation to anyone who could provide some information. Alternatively if anyone has a suggestion for a "pepper forward" tobacco I would love the suggestion.........
  • @pwkarch
    I love the Vauen “Black Pepper”.  I waited too long to stock my cellar, I think I may have got the last two tins a few months ago.  I think I got them at cup-o-joes, but like I said, I think they are out of stock.  I have been keeping an eye out for more.  If I had more than the 3 1/2 tins I would send you one, but I’m stingy.  If you wanted to try some, I could send you a bowl or two worth, maybe not much point in it since I believe it is discontinued...I wouldn’t want you to get an itch for it that can’t be scratched😬
         If you would like to try it, I will send you some if you like.
    I put up a review a few years ago on TobaccoReviews.com (Ambush1964) there are not many reviews.
  • Thanks Buddy, I appreciate your offer but that would just make it worse in my want to get some. Just think of me when you burn some. Happy smoking........
  • This is interesting: a tobacco virus attacks peppers and tomatoes.

    Irrelevant but interesting.
  • Also may not be relevant, but also may be interesting? Maybe why the virus attacks all three?
    Tomato, potato, tobacco, and some chili plants are relatives and the green parts are poisonous in tomato, potato, and tobacco plants, I am not sure about chili plants.
    I guess raw potatoes are suppose to be somewhat poisonous as well, but I have been eating raw potatoes for years, just like my mom has been doing for years.  Any green skin on potatoes and the "eyes" are suppose to contain higher amounts of the poison as well....I don't eat those.  I'm not dead yet, so raw potatoes must not be too awful poisonous?  As a sidebar, rhubarb leaves are poisonous too.
  • I think the poisonous component is oxalic acid. But what do I know........
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    Just watched a YouTube presenter who created a blend by mixing tobacco with coffee. Anyone ever try that before? I smoked a Lipton's tea bag before - but that was only as a lark to freak-out the guys I worked with because it tends to smell like marijuana.
  • Did the teabag thing with an acorn and a straw, in sixth grade.
  • MIXING YOUR OWN BLEND (author unknown)

    So you've tried some of the base tobaccos and a few pre-made blends and think you're ready to mix your own custom blend? That's fantastic. Truly, this is definitely our favorite part of the entire world of pipe smoking. You're officially a brother of the briar once you're making your own blends. 

    Have you decided what your base tobacco will be? That's very important so here's a quick, general guide to the types, some flavoring tips, and how they influence a blend.

    Virginia Base: Virginias are a common base for tobacco blends that you can mix with Burleys, Orientals, or even other types of Virginias (typically a Red or Yellow). Flavors like Cherry, Vanilla, Rum, Maple, Hazelnut, or Peach can really enhance the sweet, citrusy taste of Virginia blends. Virginia is considered a "light" tobacco high in sugar and low in nicotine.

    Burley Base: This base goes well with just about any other blend type.  Much like a Virginia, adding Cherry, Vanilla, Rum, Maple, Hazelnut, or Peach flavoring bodes well with this full-bodied base.  Beware though; Burley is definitely a "heavy" tobacco that's high in nicotine.

    Black Cavendish Base: If you decide to go for this mellow bodied base blend, try mixing it with aromatics like Virginias and Burleys. It typically doesn't get blended with Latakias or Periques but hey, whatever floats your boat. You can sweeten up this rich blend by adding coffee or peach flavoring.

    Perique: Perique can be a little spicy for some, so it's used sparingly. Perique is featured with a light Virginia base to create what is known as a VaPer blend. It also goes well with an unflavored Burley but remember, Perique is also very high in nicotine.

    Latakia Base: Orientals pair well with this aromatic base blend. Whiskey, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Sambuca flavors enrich its earthy and smoky characteristics.

    Oriental/Turkish: People typically use these as a compliment to a Virginia or Latakia base to add depth and complexity to the blend. Mix in some Vanilla flavoring for a satisfying smoke. Oriental is low in nicotine.

    Each tobacco has differing amounts of sugar, nicotine, and other factors that completely change the nature of their interactions. Of course your preferences and tastes are the only real guide here. After a certain amount of experimentation you'll have a unique blend all your own, so the question then becomes, what are you gonna name it? 

  • @ghostsofpompeii
    I’m not sure if it is coffee, or coffee liquor, but C&D “Espresso” has coffee of some sort in it.  Did I mention, it’s quite a tasty aromatic. 
  • motie2motie2 Master
    edited November 2020
    Nope, I’ve not heard of any of ‘em........ (maybe the Gordon Pym).

     @PappyJoe? Anyone?

  • @motie2
    I have seen the Malthouse and the Gordon Pym but not the other two. Malthouse is a Virginia based aromatic flavored with Scotch I think.
    Gordon Pym is an English. 

    I haven’t smoked either but they are both made by Dan Tobacco in Germany. Dan Tobacco makes a lot of good blends. 
  • @motie2, Gordon Pym is a Latakia forward (at least I thought a few years ago) English/Balkan. I agree with @PappyJoe that Dan Tobacco (DTM) produces some nice blends.
  • @Balisong

    Thank you.

    I never could do the butterfly thing, tho’ I’ve been a knife guy since Cub Scouts in the 1950’s.  It’s such a cool move.
  • @motie2

    I only know a few techniques that I used to demo them in my shop. I had some customers that could mesmerize you watching their moves! Nowadays I carry a Spyderco Jess Horn that sat in a one of my knife displays until I closed the shop.
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