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Even though we're not an official pipe club I have a group of buddies (mostly from church and my Army unit) who meet at my place from time to time. We had a great time last night. If you have club/group of guys you meet with let's talk about it here. Please post your pics too.



  • @jfreedy That's a site that nearly brought tears to my eyes. What I wouldn't give to have a group of friends ... who also happen to be pipe smokers ... gathered around the table in my backyard shooting the breeze and swapping blends. Looks like a good time was had by all. Thanks for posting the picture. Maybe you guys can make it a monthly occasion.
  • jfreedyjfreedy Master
    @ghostsofpompeii & @motie2 - I'm definitely blessed to have such friends. I think I gave most of them their first pipe. Giving someone a pipe is like planting a seed. Most of the time with the right soil (tobacco) and care (training) they will sprout into long term pipe smokers. At least that's been my experience.

  • jfreedyjfreedy Master
    How about anyone else? Any pics from other pipe clubs? 
  • jfreedyjfreedy Master
    That's great, @PappyJoe. Maybe it's time to grow up and get name. @ghostsofpompeii - we tried meeting monthly but attendance really suffered. So now we try to meet quarterly as a big group. One or two of us will get together around every other month to share a bowl on someone's porch. Of course, like most of us, I mostly just smoke on my back porch alone... well, with my dog.
  • @jfreedy
     I don't even have a dog anymore.  Scrat (cat) joins me sometimes though.
  • @jfreedy
    Even if some of you get together once a quarter, you can call yourself a club.
  • @jfreedy I agree with @PappyJoe - even quarterly or once or twice a year is pretty awesome when you can get that many people together in one room or backyard who smoke a pipe. I know how hard it is to get people together ... even family members have a hard time getting together on the holidays.
  • jfreedyjfreedy Master
    You guys are right. I need to make it “official.” We actually had two more join us right after this picture was taken. Good times. 

  • We had 7 pipe smokers at our Army social at summer camp (annual training).  Great group of guys!
  • Londy3Londy3 Master
    @jfreedy, thats so awesome!  I am jealous and wish I had buddies that like the pipe.  Keep it goin man and get a cool name for your group. Ask for everyone's ideas and see what ya get. Thanks for sharing my friend.
  • We had our June meeting last night with 12 pipe smokers in attendance. Once of the side benefits of officially forming a club is you can register your club with Sutliff and they will send out tobacco for the club to smoke and review. Last night we smoked the new Amphora Burley which was launched in May. 
  • That’s a that’s good to know, @PappyJoe. That may be the little extra I need to officially register our pipe club.
  • I started the Cleveland Pipe Club in 2015 with another friend of mine, we have 3 of us who meet every other Monday at a local shop, we had a lot of interest at first with guys showing up once but never came back , but I enjoy it when just us 3 get together, more than one constitutes a club.
  • PappyJoe how do I go about registering my pipe club with Sutliff and is there any other companies I should register with. 
  • The second meeting of Smoking Guns Pipe Club will be Sunday October 6, 2019 at Camp Catalpa in Richmond, Ky. Any pipers in central Ky. are welcomed to attend. We will be starting at 5:00 pm.
  • @Scampi Most clubs are registered with The United Pipe Clubs of America  


  • My pipe club is ThisPipeLife.com and all of you.

    Sometimes -- oftentimes -- I'll be sitting on the rear deck, smoking one of my insane frankenblends-pro-tem, and I'll think, "I sure wish I had @pwkarch, or @ghostsofpompeii, or @RockyMountainBriar, or @KA9FFJ, or @Kmhartle, or @OlePops, or @thebadgerpiper, or @mfressa, or @pipeman83, or even @PappyJoe (I'm joshing; he does that to me from time to time....), or any of the rest of you that I've omitted..... to talk to and to help solve all of the world's problems. But there's no one with me on the rear deck; no one to shoot the breeze with; no one to just sit and smoke with, while looking at the back forty. No one.

    But when I'm seated here at the 'puter with you all, I am not alone.

    Thank you, one and all, for what you all mean to me.
  • @motie2 I feel the same way as you do buddy. It gets awful lonely sitting in the garage with my door open looking at either my neighbors house (which used to be my Mom and Dad's house) or the vacant lot next door, with nothing but my memories to keep me company. I've been doing that for so long I believe my past memories have finally caught up to the present day and the past and present have come full circle. So there is nothing left to reflect upon. Need to hear new stories from someone other than the little voice in my head.
    Thankfully I have This Pipe Life which serves that need - and I have all of you to thank for it. Wish I could get you in my garage with me to shoot the sh*t. But a trip to Gary, Indiana isn't a request I'd make to my worse enemy. So this is the next best thing.    
  • @motie2, if you ever get back home to Cleveland, look me up, would love to have a pipe with you.
  • @pipeman83
    You can count on it, brother. I used to get home to Cleveland at least once a year, to see my folks and SWMBO's folks, but they're all gone now. All that's left is one friend from elementary school, and one cousin of SWMBO.
  • @motie2 ~ I feel your pain. I've not run across one pipe smoker near me and find myself smoking alone on the back deck or in my car on the way to and from work. While I typically enjoy the solitude, it would be nice to share a bowl with another pipe smoker and, as you said, help solve all the world's problems. 

    Like you, I have made some incredible and extremely generous friends here. I've learned a lot and consider This Pipe Life as close to sitting with another pipe smoker on the back deck. I am very grateful for this site and the awesome folks who are here. 
  • BobbyGBobbyG Enthusiast
    I live in Murrieta, CA in between LA and SD. To far to drive for their pipe clubs. Our local smoke shop has a Friday night movie night but its mostly cigar smokers. There are some pipe smokers there I should see if I can get something going. Im like most the online community is my pipe club.
  • @motie2, consider me another friend that you have here, even though we never met yet I consider you a friend of mine on this forum like I do everyone else here .
  • For me TPL it is my pipe club. As far as I know, there aren't any here at Orlando, Fl.
  • TPL is my pipe club. I live 15 minutes from the main road and another 15 to 30 minutes to the nearest city and the pipe scene locally isn't exactly booming. 

    Thank you gentleman for putting up with my less than perfect grammar and creative spelling. You've made me feel welcome. Thank you @motie2. Of it hadn't been for the questions about a local blend I'd probably still be lurking instead of participating. 
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