Pipe stem replacement

Looking for a pipe stem replacement artisan.  After many years of using the same one, he moved out of the St. Louis, MO area.  Any recommendations out there?


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    Mike Meyers, @ Walker Pipe Repair.  Quick service, great work, “No Touch” stem repair.
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    GunnerUSMC are you a home to Marine?  I was born and raised on south side of St Lou in jefferson county and still here.
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    @GunnerUSMC. Sempier Fi brother... (3-1 Nam)...
    That makes 3 piper Marines in the StL area that I know of including @RandyB1966 ...
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    @GunnerUSMC Welcome to the forum. The Marines has always been my second favorite branch of the military.

    I personally use Ric Farrah at Briarville. I'm always satisfied with the quality of his work and the speed he gets it back to me. Right now he is at the Chicago Pipe Show so it might take a few days longer than normal. 
  • The best place for a Coastie at RefTra to have a quiet and peaceful drink at GTMO (cause, The Barrel Club, you know) was at the Marines NCO club. Or at the golf course (I don't golf -- ever).

    I've been told by more than one old Marine how they preferred Coastie coxswains to pilot their landing craft in the Pacific WWII because the Navy coxswains would too often try to stay away from the beach and the incoming gunfire, which left the Marines to wade ashore from chest-deep seawater while the Coasties would land them right at the beach, often letting them ashore with their boots barely wet.

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    Have you perused ebay using searh term <<smoking pipe stems>>

    You might get lucky and find something workable there.....
  • Had a stem replaced recently by sending the pipe in to Dr Grabow for one of their Freehand pipes. Only cost $13.00. The old stem had the button pretty much completely chewed off, enough to make the stem shorter by a bit.

    Yup, as I expected, that last part wasn't really very punny.
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