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Three Cheers for Good B&M's

This is a shoutout and thanks to Dan Spaniola and Paul's Pipe Shop up in Flint.

About two weeks ago I purchased this nice little Sav Tre series billiard. I was happily breaking it in, when all of a sudden it got clogged. Couldn't draw, couldn't run a cleaner through it. Could run a thin wire. I knew I was running low on Arrowhead, the flagship blend at Paul's, so I decided to run up there. I had previously had a very positive experience with a repair they did.

Drove up there, Dan took it into the back, and had it clear in no more than maybe ten minutes. Said he used a small drill bit as a reamer. Nothing came out – he had no idea what happened. Charge – zip nada. (May have been different if I wasn't buying 8 ounces of Arrowhead.) Gassed up my car, had lunch, and happily smoked Capstan blue in it on the way home. (I ran a cleaner through it three times on the drive.) Total time spent – a hair over three hours.

As a side note, Paul's is the place to look for old blends. I saw canisters of Sail Green and Sail Red, with the Theodorus Niemeyer name on them. Lord knows how long ago Sail Red was discontinued...


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