Curious about wind caps

Ok so I've never used one and I'm curious how well it works from some guys that have experience with them. Does it help your pipe stay lit even when not windy? Is it worth it? Will it keep my pipe from blowing out when I'm running code at 120 mph to a hot call with my windows down? lol 
Any input is greatly appreciated as always. 


  • motie2motie2 Master

    Wind caps do what they are supposed to do -- keep the tobacco, burning or otherwise, in the bowl.

    There are two basic metal kinds, widely available,

    and then, historically, there's this Weber Windpruf:

  • KmhartleKmhartle Master
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    I do use a wind cap when it's breezy outside. Especially if I'm smoking on the back porch. It does help to contain the embers from blowing out of the bowl and it doesn't impede the air flow when smoking. I also use them when I pre-load a bowl of tobacco to smoke later. Works great to keep the tobacco from falling out of the bowl until I'm ready to smoke.  I keep a few wind caps in my tobacco / pipe pouch and use them quite a bit. I like the spring adjustable kind (the one on the right in the pic that @motie2 shared) They adjust to fit all but my largest bowl pipes. 
  • I've never had the separate wind caps, but I have had a few pipes with them hinged to the bowl itself, permanently. That includes my current Mr Brog #21 Military Mount. They do their job, quite well, whether slotted or round holes. Never had a screened one, if such even exist.
  • They do what they are supposed to do. Just remember, the get very hot when you are smoking your pipe and makes tamping hard to do.
  • Hey @Michael308 I've got a few extra wind caps at home. I can send you one! PM me with your mailing address. :)
  • Wind caps keep the ash in, but more importantly in a stiff breeze they keep the tobacco from burning too quickly and possibly causing a burn-out (bad juju).  I use them as others do, to keep a pipe loaded with tobacco for the next smoke as well.  I find my cut down cork and plastic wine bottle caps work better though to keep fresh loaded tobacco in the bowl and also better sealed from the air.  They keep the tobacco from drying out as quickly.
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