European Vacation Sampler From Pipes & Cigars $5.00 ... Plus Free Shipping

Was just posting a few messages on one of my Yahoo Horror groups when I saw an ad from Pipes & Cigars appear on the side of the page. The ad read five 1.5 oz. pouches of Danish made tobacco blends for $5.00 with free shipping. Five Bucks and Free Shipping! You've got my attention.
The three brands are John Bull (a Latakia blend ... not my first choice ... but I'm trying to branch out), C'est La Vie (a vanilla blend), and Erin Go Bragh (an Irish Whiskey blend).
They may all taste like ragweed ... but for five bucks and free shipping that's less than a single pouch of over-the-counter tobacco blends and well worth checking out. I've spend more money than that getting a value meal at Taco Bell


  • Three pouches not five.
  • Wanted four more tins of Lane Limited "Wild Hare" so I had my wife order the European Vacation Sampler on her account (only one offer per customer) along with the four tins of "Wild Hare" just so I could get the free shipping. Total price of the order $36.96 ... savings $39.00. Had I ordered the "Wild Hare" by itself and paid the $.99 shipping the total cost of the order would have been $35.95. So for a buck more I got three pouches of tobacco.
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