Notre Dame

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What a tragedy. What a loss. Any time of the year would be awful, but to have it happen during Holy Week.


  • I am cynical enough to think terrorism at this point instead of an accident. The Cathedral survived the French Revolution, World War I and World War II. 
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    @PappyJoe I concur.
    What a tragic loss, The news had me believing that the whole place was destroyed, its not, though I imagine it will be many years before it is renewed.

  • This is an absolute tragedy. I love visiting old churches in Europe, and this is truly sad. If someone is behind it, I hope they're caught and brought to justice.
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    As of the last report I saw they are ruling it an accident but the fire investigation is ongoing. The fire department was called for smoke in the building and didn't find anything. Then they were called back and by that time the fire was well established. I think the best course is to let the investigation run its course and find out what happened. 
  • @Ron191 ; I completely agree. I am in no way pointing fingers. If it's an accident, then it's an accident. That's honestly what I'm hoping for.
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    So very sad.  I recall wondering what renovations were being undertaken to require scaffolding surrounding the entire building and if there were artisans even capable of handling such a masterpiece of art and construction. 
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    I see that a Muslim jihadist was arrested on the Saturday prior adjacent to the Cathedral with a rental truck and cans of gas.... claimed a terrorist attack was planned....???
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    "Many people are saying" that it was a foreign immigrant; a radical, black, homosexual, feminazi, commie-terrorist from Central America, affiliated with ISIS and the Democratic Party

    <<Please recognize Extreme Sarcasm (Nota Bene for those like Sheldon Cooper, who can't recognize sarcasm when they encounter it.) >>

  • Watched "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" starring Anthony Quinn and Gina Lollobrigida, prompted by all the discussions and TV coverage. The photos the following day that showed much of the cathedral actually survived was pretty amazing. The intensity of the fire and what has remained brings into question Divine Intervention, whether one accepts the notion of miracles or not. On a personal note, since this is Holy Week I'd much rather focus on that aspect than who or what started the fire. Once Easter Sunday passes I'll become my old cynical self again and start pointing my finger at all manner of suspects and conspiracies.    
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    @Thebagerpiper ; I wasn't singling you out. When a disaster like this hits there is a lot of rumour and speculation running around. Everybody is shocked and hurt and wants someone to blame for this tragedy. The hardest lesson I had to learn is to hold until you have the facts. 

    I remember back in the day when I was in the army <geezer alert> how the rumours would fly. The reality was much duller. 
  • @Ron191 No problem, and I completely agree. I was listening to one of my favorite youtube news commenters, and felt like he had some good words to say about it. It's important to look for the truth of the incident, rather than jump the gun and blame someone who could be innocent. We should always strive for the truth. Accidents happen all the time.

    A year and a half ago, the plug on my dryer shorted out and filled the basement with smoke. Thankfully my wife and I were home (we were supposed to be on vacation at that time), and there wasn't a fire. If the building was under construction, it's very possible for there to have been something similar in this situation.
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    A little good news amidst the tragedy. The French president pledges to rebuild the cathedral in five years. 650 million euros have already been raised. 
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