Question About Brigadier Black Blends From Pipes & Cigars

I was wondering if one or more of our aromatic smokers have tried any of the six blends from Brigadier Black offered by Pipes & Cigars. The reason I'd like to know is that up until recently the only way you could buy it was in 8 oz. cans for $19.00. And since there are six blends ("Sherman's March", "Antietam", "Waterloo", "Alamo", "Bull Run", and "Gettysburg") that could run into some big bucks for something I might not enjoy ... not to mention having 8 oz. of the stuff. But in the current Pipes&Cigars catalog they now offer all six blends in a 1.5 oz pouch for $5.25 each, making it a more appealing offer.
So if anyone has experienced the blend and had positive - or negative - results let me know. I've already written off "Gettysburg" and "Antietam" because they are fruit flavored (peach and black cherry), and as a general rule I haven't found a cherry blend that I like - and Ole Shenandoah "Fuzzy Schnapps" and Sutliff Private Stock "Taste Of Summer" are my 'go to' peach blends. But the description of the other four blends seems like it might be in my wheelhouse. Unless of course the backlash warns me off.


  • Jeff20Jeff20 Connoisseur
    I smoke BB Bull Run daily, (my affordable daily smoke) it's a really good Black Cavendish/ Golden Burley with Vanilla notes, i post this alot. And also I smoke occasionally BB Waterloo, which is a Golden Burley with sweet Vanilla taste....both imo are very good everyday smokes, but, like I say  IMO.
  • Jeff20Jeff20 Connoisseur
    Have tried the Alamo, it's  a good BC, with a nougat, chocolaty flavor,..the Gettysburg and Antietam I haven't tried. One is Peach, and one is Cherry, which I don't do fruit... hope it helps.
  • @Jeff20 ; I'm not interested in the cherry or fruit flavored blends either - but sounds like Alamo, Bull Run and Waterloo might be worth a try. Thanks for the feedback.
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