Prioritizing which blends to smoke

Since life is short, I've come up with a strategy to get the most enjoyment from this hobby.
1) prioritize the blends, smoking the most desirable first
2) save the rest for the days when you don't have any more high priority blends available
3) pray that the local B&M gets more deliveries of #1 above soon

Anybody else think like this or am I unique in this idea?


  • WintonWinton Connoisseur
    I don't plan my tobacco. Often I will be enjoying coffee and decide to light up a bowl of a coffee blend. Or I will see an ad for a blend in my stash. Perhaps I will have a taste for something with Latakia in it. 
  • PappyJoePappyJoe Master
    In January and February, I only smoked blends I had in small 4-oz. Mason jars. Basically it was tobacco I had jarred in the previous two years and just left in the desk. 

    Now I just have three tins that I recently open and I'll smoke them until they are gone and then pull something out of my cellar or buy something I haven't had before.
  • riobrusariobrusa Master
    During the day, I smoke more English tobacco but at night, I tend to looking for Aromatics. Those that don't like, I separated and smoke very slowly, mean, not every day and in small pipes, until they are gone.
  • @mfresa ; Normally I try to smoke a variety of blends simply because I over-bought tobacco a few years ago when I though the Deeming Regulations was going to dry up the market before I had an opportunity to get a nice stockpile built up. Now that I'm 69 and see how long it takes to actually smoke up a Mason jar of tobacco, I realize my cellar will clearly outlive me. Lately I've been on a Scotty's Trout Stream kick and have been smoking it more than the other blends ... which is about to change. I need to get back to my original plan, otherwise I'll be buying another pound of Trout Stream and simply adding to my original stockpile instead of making a dent in it.
    As for saving the lesser blends for a later time that thought doesn't appeal to me. I hate to think that when that time comes (and it will) when I find myself forced into making a financial decision between paying for either my prescription medication, the utility bill, cable and internet service, or food ... and the luxury of buying tobacco is no longer an option ... I'd hate to think that all that's remaining in my cellar is the cast off junk I didn't particularly enjoy smoking. It's at that point in life when the simple pleasures of a good smoke can momentarily take you away from those trying times.    
  • mfresamfresa Master
    @ghostsofpompeii , I agree.  If money gets tight, its' good to have a great tobacco available (from the stash). Smoking tobacco one really doesn't like is a waste.
  • mapletopmapletop Master
    I'm all over the map, its what ever strikes me , and  as a general rule I never smoke the same blend more than once a day
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