Ebay score

I regularly peruse eBay looking for deals. I generally look for Carey pipes to restore and add to my collection. I recently came across a listing that had a long title, so most of the end of it was hidden in the listing. The picture showed 3 pipes. 2 Carey and 1 Dr. Grabow. I opened the listing an lo and behold, it also included 10 sealed vintage tobaccos! I ended up winning the auction for $15 and $12.60 shipping. A total of 13 items for what came to $2.12 each - shipped! All three pipes were in good condition and need very little restoration. The tobacco included;

2 John Surrey's Black Pecan - Tax stamp series 114 (1944)
2 Bond Street - Tax stamp series 123 (1953)
1 Middleton Old Mariner - No tax stamp
4 Prince Albert - Tax Stamp 117 (1947)
1 John Surrey's Snow Apple - Wax paper makes tax stamp illegible

The Bond Street and Prince Albert are in tins and I'm tempted to break one of each open to smoke. The others are in paper packages and I'm sure they are as dry as a popcorn fart. They still will make interesting display pieces.


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