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New Health Risk For Pipe Smokers

Fear not fellow pipe smokers. This is not some new health warning from the Surgeon General. This new fangled affliction may actually be mine - and mine alone. Although I think a few of the older pipe smokers among us may have early symptoms .. if not a full blow case as well. They just didn't have a name for it until now. 

You've all heard of 'Tennis Elbow' ... well I believe I've recently been stricken with 'Pipe Smoker's Elbow'. It's not a disease common to the clincher who puts a pipe in his (or her) mouth and leaves it there until the smoke is over ... but the fidgety pipe smokers among us who have a tendency to hold the pipe while smoking - with arm cocked - holding the pipe while puffing - then alternating from one hand to another. That's me, a two fisted smoker, smoking out of two sides of my mouth.

Recently I've discovered that while smoking and holding the pipe while resting my elbow on the arm of my chair, upon straightening my arm I get a sharp shooting pain in my elbow. 'Pipe Smoker's Elbow' may not afflict the young and active, but after years of battling gout flare-ups and arthritis it appears the natural motion associated with my pipe smoking habits has aggravated the arthritis in my elbow leaving me with the dreaded 'Pipe Smokers Elbow'.

Soon the aroma of my pipe tobacco will be masked by the god awful menthol stench of "Icy Hot", "Biofreeze" or any one of those creams or lotions used to ease the pain of arthritis. From now on every bowl no matter what blend I'm smoking will leaves the room smelling of Sutliff "Frosty Mint".         



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