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  • Go4BrokeGo4Broke Enthusiast

    Happy IPSD 2018 to everyone as well!

    I have an unopened tin of Esoterica Dunbar waiting to be cracked open after work today.  Hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy a few extra bowls today.  A Midwest ice storm is threatening to get in the way of an evening lunting expedition for me, but we'll see what the conditions look like later tonight.

  • I will be smoking my Penzance tonight in my vintage Ben Wade freehand. It was suppose to be nice today, but we have had freezing rain all day.

    Also this piper may or may not have made a few purchases from smoking pipes and the country squire. I look forward to getting the packages this week, including the reverse calabash from MM.
  • Happy International Pipe Smoking Day everyone! Placed an order on smokingpipes.com for the cellar, and now I'm outside enjoying a pipe.
  • @pwkarch, I own 3 Hercules pipes, love them, enjoy!
  • Cheers everyone! Happy IPSD!
  • I made it through four bowls, with four different pipes, and four different blends. The blends were Captain Black Black Sea, Mrs. Hudson's 221B Bakery Blend, East India Trading Company Officer's Club, and Sutliff Barbados Plantation. The pipes were a no name pear wood Calabash, Nording Harmony Freehand, Peterson Dracula, and Big Ben Fantasia. Thankfully the weather cooperated with me and I was able to enjoy several bowls outside.  
  • I just got notified that my SPC orders was delivered today, my MM Reverse Calabash Cob is on it’s way and hopefully here by Saturday! Just leaves my Country Squire order....I love having something to look forward to but hate the wait.
  • Guys

    Happy ISPD, or SDI P, or whatever. I bought a Savinelli Smooth "Solaria" with a tangerine stem. Damn it is BIG (damn near couldn't get it in the front door). I also received a pound of Sutlff "Spicy Vanilla" for the cellar. Don't tell my wife, but last week I bought a Savinelli Rusticated "Dolomite" in the Prince Shape. Smoking Pipes get my orders from SC to NJ in under 3 days.

     I also just ordered 3 Dr. Grabows to fill out my collection. Now I have to make another pipe rack. Damn this hobby or habit, or whatever it is. Sad to say my cigars are calling to me from their humidors.

    Not sure why I did this......I MUST be unstable or something. I may need to be tested.
  • @pwkarch -- You did it because, alas, you don't have a woman like SWMBO; a woman you are genuinely afraid of....
  • @motie2
     Actually, we discussed this as we always do when it comes to spending unnecessary $. She agrees that I have worked my butt off here over the last 3 1/2 months, so I deserved it. Okay, that is all I need to hear before I am on the "puter" finalizing my order.

    She does snicker and shake her head when she is in my office and she can see 25 or so pipes on their racks, always the same question "how many pipes do you need"? That is actually a light comment compared to her looking in my closet where just over 70 pint mason jars of tobacco live (active to semi active blends), or in the basement "cellar" where 35 pounds of tobacco live in quart mason jars. I know, I have a problem. Also in the closet are hundreds of premium cigars sitting happy and humidified in their humidors.

    Hello, I am Paul, and I am a Tobbacohaulic.......and a Pipehaulic, and a Cigarhaulic. And a lot of other haulics but we will not go there.
  • And It's down to me.....
    The way I do just what I'm told
    Down to me, the change has come 
    I'm under her thumb

    (apologies to Mick and Keith,....)
  • For me IPSD continues today and tomorrow. My order from The Country Squire is in the mail box and I should have my MM tomorrow! Can’t wait to break in the new pipes.
  • Dreaming of warmer days. It's a shame IPSD isn't held in the middle of Spring instead of Feb. Well I plan on smoking throughout the day even if I holed up in my bathroom of cold garage.

  • @ghostsofpompeii


    About two weeks back I listened to several of the songs on your CD's. Again, very enjoyable and thought provoking with my wild imagination. Having been awhile since I listened, I purposely did not look at the songs' names. After hearing them I went to the list to see if the title at least suggested what I thought the song was about. I was maybe 50% or so using a "liberal" scoring system. Some of those songs are thought provocative to say the least. I used to listen to groups like "Pink Floyd" with earphones on and just chill out (without any Herbs mind you) and almost go into a coma trying to imagine what went with the music. I have always tried to think "outside to box".

    Anyway I hope all is well with you and yours. I have been a bit out of sorts for the last almost 6 months and I am looking at another half of a year. My Pipe Smoking has fallen off a bit here due to that and the damn cold weather. And I have a question: Why do what seems like a majority of Pipe Smokers have beards? My beard is now as long as it has ever been and kids think I am Santa Claus. So I don't know wether to shave again, or get a bunch of red clothes? Enjoy those Rum Blends.

    So keep on keeping on.......talk to you soon.
  • This will be my first  IPSD. Thankfully it is on the beginning on my weekend. I am considering opening my one tin of Dunhill  Durbar. I came late to pipe tobacco and totally missed out on McClelland. Managed to get a tin of Dunhill. (The 3 additional tins I ordered online are back-ordered - possibly forever) Not sure on the pipe. Probably one of my Cobbit churchwardens.
  • Well IPSD isn't until Wednesday, Feb. 20 but I'm glad to see some of you guys get an early start. While I definitely will be smoking a bowl or two on Wednesday (God willing and the creek don't rise.), the New Orleans Pipe Club has its February meeting on Thursday, so we will be celebrating then also. 

    Since the wife gave told me to buy a pipe for my birthday in January, I won't be buying a pipe for IPSD. I do have some left over Christmas money that will go to my local pipe shop to help keep them in business.
  • @pwkarch Glad your still enjoying the music. I've noticed that about beards and pipe smokers as well. Maybe there is a touch of the rebel in all of us. Considering I'm creeping up on 70 yet still enjoy rock and roll music I guess I haven't outgrown my hippy years. I still subscribe to the philosophy of lifelong friends author Ray Bradbury and special effects artist Ray Harryhausen who pledge: "I will grow old - but never grow up."
  • motie2motie2 Master
    edited February 13
    International Pipe Smoking Day 2021

    Head over to MilanTobacco.com today through midnight on the 20th, enter the celebratory discount code -> IPSD <- when placing your order, and receive 10% off just about everything they sell.

    No minimum purchase required. Qualifying orders exclude Middleton products, Milan's Cigar & Blend of the Month products, gift certificates, taxes, shipping, and handling. Cannot be redeemed for cash, credit, or refund or used retroactively, in combination with any other discount, coupon offer, or on previous orders. Valid through midnight ET on 2/20/21

  • @motie2
    IMHO, it would be great if the "powers that be" would consider moving IPSD to late April or May.
    At least then most everyone worldwide would be able to have chance for good weather to ENJOY a bowl.
    As it is now, for example, half of the US and other parts of the world are too busy digging out from being snowbound, or fighting hypothermia... Is it just me?🤔

    Date: 2/16/2021
    Subject: UPCA is holding a Virtual ISPD event
    From: Tom Wolfe

    Join us for a virtual International Pipe Smoking Day. Many of us can't meet in person due to the pandemic, so let's get together online. UPCA is hosting a virtual event to celebrate International Pipe Smoking Day.  
    We'll be meeting on Zoom this Saturday from 4-6pm EST (1-3pm PST).

    Topic: International Pipe Smoking Day
    Time:  Saturday Feb 20, 2021 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

    Meeting ID: 885 7721 1460
    Passcode: 185674
    Join Zoom Meeting

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