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Nasal Snuff?

I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this discussion, however being as it is about tobacco it seems the proper place.

Something that I have picked up in my 4 years of pipe smoking has been nasal snuff (typically just called snuff but dip tobacco has taken the moniker).
I was wondering if any of you guys partake, and if you do what are your favorites.

I am particularly partial the the few blends that Mullins & Westley puts out, as well as Bernard's Original and Their Smalzer. I also have a penchant for many of the Poschl and Fribourg & Treyer blends.


  • I used two varieties of Fribourg & Treyer snuff in the early 1970's. Bought them via mail from a prominent tobacco shop near harvard, I forget the name. Found them to be an interesting experience. "De gustibus...." y'all.

    BTW, on snuff forums they're complaining that the same blends do not taste/smell like they did in former years/incarnations. We have the same discussions regarding classic pipe tobacco blends and how they may have passed through several owners/manufacturers.  I was a big Balkan Sobranie fan in the '70's and I tried the new version that came out some years ago (Years? Months? It's all a blur at my age.....). Buddy, they weren't the same. Some of Russ Oullette's blends have come closer.
  • @Motie2, I don't know what it is about snuff but I have fallen for it. The Briar Shoppe here in Houston is one of the last few tobacconists who carry it in the states, because of that many of the patrons have taken to it.
     Russ Oullette's blends have consistently impressed me, it is hard to go wrong with one of the Match Blends if you are unable to get a beloved blend.
  • I remember it being a big thing in the seventies but have not seen it around in a very long time.  Was never something that interested me.  Tried it one and and was not a fan so I decided to stick with my pipe instead.
  • A lot of Head Shops in the late 60s' and early 70s' carried it, and I was interested enough to try it a time or two. And I'm not sure what it's like now, but back then it was usually some fruit flavored Strawberry concoction that might have given you an initial buzz ... but in the end did little but cause me to sneeze. And since I already had a problem with Hay Fever and allergies I didn't see much point in sticking something up my nose to make me sneeze when usually all I had to do was step outside during Ragweed season and get the same effect. I have the feeling what you're describing as snuff and what we were buying from the Head Shops may have been an altogether different animal. I can't say for certain because I'm not quite sure what ture snuff actually is. I seriously doubt if those fruit flavored concoctions were even tobacco based.  
  • This was available in every Walgreens, Rite-aid or Sunray drugstore in Philly, PA

    Same style jar and label used in the 1800s.  This is a modern replica bottle that was sold in drugstores, note the net weight in ounces.  Usually these were found in the isle near the Dr. Grabow pipes and the assorted boxes of machine rolled cigars.
  • I think snuff scares me. 
    Yep, I'm afraid of it.
  • Snuff has been great for me, I have not had any sinus issues since I started using it. (Typically in the past I have had sinus issues due to allergies)

    @ghostsofpompeii There are some fruit flavored snuffs still out there, I tend to go with the more natural tobacco snuffs, occasionally I will go with Fribourg and Treyer's Macouba which is scented with rose water, Poschl's Lowen Prise which is a mentholated slightly anise scented snuff. 

    @Londy3 I was afraid of it up until I tried it, not I am afraid I have become addicted.

    A little bit of snuff trivia for you all. It was common in early America for older women in particular (not sure why) to chew on the end of a stick and "dip" it into their bottles of snuff and place the stick in their cheek, or continue to chew it. This is how as far as I understand it Copenhagen was birthed. 
  • @PhilosoPiper Aahhh...now your addicted. Yep, I'm still afraid of it. I can honestly say, I am not addicted to my pipe, coffee, tea, bourbon, wine or any other form of recreational entertainment (no I don't do weed either).  I just like what I like and enjoy it when I want. Just sayin.....
  • @Londy3 I know... *sigh* however there have been studies that it is virtually harmless so I can just add it to my caffeine addiction 
  • I did it for a while, I stopped and didn't go back. One of the things I found out was mail order snuff has to come from outside the U.S. supposedly it can't be mailed commercially within the US. I dealt with Mr.Snuff in England. 
  • I did it for a while, I got most of my Snuff online.
  • I'm sticking my pipes. 
  • @woodsman, that is what I have found as well. My local tobacconist has all of their snuff on "consignment"
  • Yeah, at 71, snuff is a "Been there; done that."
  • I remember some guys snuffing snuff back in 7th-8th-9th grade.  Ultimately I think most of them went to “chawing tabak”.
  • Londy3Londy3 Master
    But doesn't the snuff go into your lungs? It just seems really crazy to do that. ..
    or maybe it's just me 🤔
  • @Londy3
    I’ve never tried it, but I think it stays in your nasal passage.  Maybe someone with snuff experience can chime in here?
  • mapletopmapletop Master
    Did some patchouli snuff in the late seventies while in the navy, while I liked it, I had a few nose bleeds after a few months and decided it wasn't worth the risk.
    A good friend of mine, fellow pipe smoker and ex-president of the Chicago pipe club does snuff from time to time and last week he offered me some very unusual snuff, (Latakia)
    My curiosity got the better of me and I tried it, after my eyes stopped watering and the sting subsided, I blew my nose and said to him your outa your mind it didn't not even smell like latakia.

  • Londy3Londy3 Master
    🤣😂 there you go
  • With the dwindling number of pipe smokers I imagine that number must be even more minuscule for partakers of nasal snuff. Wonder if there is an online forum dedicated to that? And if so ... how active is the site?
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