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RussellRussell Newcomer
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where do you get replacement stems that fit for Dr. Grabow pipes 


  • Graber? Do you mean Dr. Grabow? Never heard of Graber
  • Yes that's exactly what I meant thought I had put that but the smart phone was trying to be smarter then it should have I changed it thank you for pointing that out 
  • @Russell - Saw something on the net that might work for you: 

    <For a stem replacement, pack it up with a note and $6 and ship it to:

    Sparta Industries
    Attn: Dr. Grabow
    1731 US HWY 215
    Sparta NC 28675

    I have two stems replaced (one a few months ago) and their turnaround is pretty fast (about 2 weeks).

    I also have a phone number for them 800-221-4134 which is where I got these instructions.>

  • RussellRussell Newcomer
    edited December 2017
    @Charles did they clean the bowls out or did they leave the cake in there I'm sure you got your pipe you sent in back and 6$ per pipe stem 
  • @Russell - I personally did not send any of my pipes for stem replacement.  I copies the information from a site I came across on the internet and enclosed the information between < > but you can call the phone number I listed (800-221-4134)to verify that the price is the same and if they will remove cake.  My guess is that they will likely leave the cake unless you specifically request them to remove it. My intention was not to mislead but to pass on information. Hope this is helpful.
  • I just didn't pay close enough attention I will get ahold of them and find out thank you for the info 
  • edited October 2019
    Just got the next year's ordering information in the mail for Dr. Grabow. As of October 1, a number of prices had to go up due to the tariffs imposed this past year, but it wasn't by a whole lot. Even so, many of the prices when ordering directly are around 40% off retail. https://www.drgrabow.net/
     The Excel pipes are no more, but this new year's special pipe is The Eagle 69, to commemorate the first manned landing on the moon. There are four variations, straight rustic, straight smooth, bent rustic and bent smooth. Like with the Excel, no dealers carry them, they can only be gotten by directly ordering them from International Pipes and Accessories, LLC. As usual, there is no page or image of these special-order pipes on the website. (Can I borrow somebody's backhoe to remove the piles of junk burying my scanner?)
     Replacement stems for Dr. Grabow pipes can still be gotten. Just send the pipe and a check or money order for $13.00 and -- to be honest, I was quite surprised how quickly it came back, all shiny and whole!
     Yup, Dr. Grabow is still firmly holding on to the 1950s, they will not take orders by phone, do not accept credit or debit cards, and do not accept online orders via their website. If you do not use paper checks, go to the post office and get a money order. Their pipes do smoke pretty good, though.
     The attachment below is the order form for OCT 1, '19 -to- SEP 30, '20. https://www.drgrabow.net/dr-grabow-pipes/

  • motie2motie2 Master
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    The “Eagle 69” Pipe

    In 1969 the Vietnam War was raging, the Woodstock music festival attracted 400,000 rock and roll fans, Richard Nixon became the 37th President, a dozen eggs cost 62 cents, a gallon of gasoline cost 32 cents and the average annual income was $6,500.

    However, highlight of the year and what has subsequently been described as ‘man’s greatest exploratory achievement’ took place with the landing of the lunar module the ‘Eagle’ on the moon and Neil Armstrong and ‘Buzz’ Aldrin taking the first human steps on its surface while Michael Collins, alone in the command module ‘Columbia’, continued to orbit the moon awaiting the return of ‘Eagle’.

    The goal that President Kennedy set back in 1961 to land a man on the Moon and bring him safely home had been achieved.

    Even today, looking back 50 years, it was an extraordinary achievement by the 400,000 men and women involved in the project including the brave astronauts on Apollo 11 and those who had preceded them on earlier Gemini and Apollo flights.

    Take a moment and look up at the moon one evening and try and imagine yourself hurtling towards it at 25,000 miles an hour for four days, landing and walking on it and then returning to earth another four days later after passing through the earth’s massive heat-creating atmosphere – in a container not much bigger than an average station wagon - a truly amazing achievement and one which America can rightly be very proud of.

    The astronauts were courageous men who retained total faith in the American technology which made it possible.

    To commemorate this extraordinary achievement, Dr Grabow is proud to offer you a selection of high quality pipes stamped ‘Eagle 1969’. The four ‘Eagle 69’ pipe styles include bent and straight pipes with the option of smooth and rusticated finishes.

    The briar used to make the ‘Eagle 69’ has been hand selected from our stock of premium aged briar and has passed through the 42 separate stages of pipe manufacture and quality control for which Dr Grabow pipes have been famous since 1935.

    The pipe color is a rich deep brown and ‘Eagle 69’s are fitted with a brass band to further enhance the ‘Eagle 69’s obvious quality. ‘Eagle 69’ comes packaged in a black velvet drawstring bag direct to your home post free

    ‘Eagle 69’ pipes are only available to our mail-order customers - they are not sold in retail stores. Prices are $37.00 for the smooth variations and $36.00 for the rusticated versions. Please indicate on the order form which shape and finish you require. “Eagle 69” is a reminder of one of the greatest days in the history of the world and for America.


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