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Sutliff Bulk Aromatics vs Non-Aromatic & English Blends

Sounds like I'm setting up some kind martial arts grudge match but I'm really looking for members who have bought Sutliff bulk non-aromatics or English blends and if so what do you think of them. 

I'm strictly a sweet aromatic guy and Sutliff has become my 'go to' source for flavorful aromatics. I've yet to find a blend I dislike and simply refused to smoke.

Now I have made reference to "Coconut Almond" for burning hot and giving me tongue bite. But the flavor is great and if you can withstand the pain you've got yourself a great tasting coconut blend. But since I'm not a masochist I needed to try something to tamp down the heat. So by mixing small amounts with blends like Sutliff Chocolate Mousse or one of Russ' Monthly blends that are heavy on the vanilla, caramel or nougat it can make a great aromatic even better. A pinch of Coconut Almond with Chocolate Mousse and you have yourself a low calorie Almond Joy in a pipe bowl.

My only other issue with a Sutliff aromatic is their Apple Blend. It doesn't taste or smell like an apple. But once again, it has a great flavor and makes for a pleasant smoking experience - tasting of brown sugar, molasses, and pie crust (with maybe a hint of apple way in the background). Imagine you've set an apple pie on the kitchen table, and you come back into the room to discover your dog on the table lapping up all the filling from the pie, leaving nothing but the moist bottom crust. Well the filling that once made contact with the crust may have absorbed the slightest ghost of the apple pie filling ... and that's the amount of apple flavor that's in Sutliff Apple Blend. The Flavor of the tobacco is phenomenal - just change the name to some sweet brown sugar confection and no one leaves disappointed. 

I've heard fellow smokers express dissatisfaction with Sutliff blends and never could understand why. But that's because I never taken the non-aromatics into consideration. Maybe Sutliff can do wonders with aromatics but can't get a satisfying English or Va-Per.      


  • motie2motie2 Master
    Sutliff Private Stock (tinned) non-Aromatics:

    Sunrise - (Perfect for fans of Early Morning Pipe)
 Pressed Virginia Ribbon, Pressed Black Ribbon, Turkish and Latakia
    CD Blend - (Perfect for fans of Country Doctor)
 Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Flake and Perique
    Man’s Best Friend - (Perfect for fans of Barking Dog) 
Toasted Burley cubes, Latakia and Lemon Virginia Flake, with a mild rum top dressing.
    Blend 5 - (Perfect for fans of Dunhill 965)
 Latakia, Pressed Virginia and Burley 
    Westminster - (Perfect for fans London Mixture) 
Latakia, Virginia, and Turkish.
    Golden Age - (Perfect for fans of Elizabethan)
 Perique combined with Turkish, Burley, Black Cavendish, and Virginia.
    Bosphorus Cruise
 - Oriental, Latakia, and Red Virginia.
    Balkan Luxury Blend 957 - 
Oriental, Perique, Latakia, and Black Cavendish. 

  • motie2motie2 Master
    More Sutliff Private Stock non-aromatics:

    Kasimir - Burley, Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia.
    Berkshire - Latakia, Oriental, Perique, Virginia
    Academy - Black Cavendish, Burley, Latakia.
  • Here's the Sutliff list of all products, "....from the horse's mouth."

  • Thanks ghost, been wanting to try the Apple blend but was hesitant for the reason you mentioned. However mixing as you suggested sounds interesting.
  • @ghostsofpompeii
    I have several Sutliff Private Stock aromatics...they are all soaked in goop.  I like them ok, but they are very wet to smoke right out of the tin.  If I let them dry a bit, they bite less, but also have less flavor, a “catch 22” situation.
  • Back a while, I had some Black Cavendish (don't remember the brand) that, no matter how many days I left the lid off, never got any less goopy at all. Finally mixed the last of it in with some dark fired I didn't like too much, and the result was smokeable, somewhat tolerable, and never bought again.
  • @RockyMountainBriar I don't have much trouble now with the goopy Sutliff aromatics straight out of the tin but I have a suggestion that might be beneficial. Something I did early on when I was having a problem with moist aromatics. Try mixing 3 parts Sutliff Private Stock blends with 1 part "Carter Hall". "Carter Hall" is the perfect blend to tame the heat and sop up some of the excess moisture without changing the flavor of Molto Dolce, Plantation Barbados, or "Taste Of Summer".    
  • One excellent solution to Sutliff Moist Towelette Right from the Tin Syndrome.
  • I smoke Sutliff Virginia Slices regularly. It is an excellent bright Virginia flake.
  • https://www.puff.com/forums/vb/general-pipe-forum/274561-cloning-frog-mortons.html

    Cloning the Frog Mortons

    <<I have been going through the stages of grief over the loss of McClelland, and specifically the Frog Morton series. I have gone through denial, anger, and the bargaining phase. Now, I have a mission.

    I am going to read all can find on blending tobaccos, experiment, and do whatever it takes to blend a clone of the Frog Mortons. I am going to order the required bulk blending tobaccos, and keep working on it until I get it right (or right enough...).

    Once I find the correct recipe, I will be happy to share with all, so us former Froggies can blend our own. I may also try to clone Mississippi River. 

    My initial thoughts are that Frog Morton was a blend of Stoved Black Virginia and Latakia. There may have been a slight added flavor, which I will try to capture by adding a little Sutliff Vanilla Custard. Or maybe a little Lane Buttered Rum. This will give me a place to start, anyway. To create Frog Morton On The Town,, I believe the addition of Macedonian Orientals to the previous mixture will do the trick (I cannot find anywhere to purchase straight Basma Oriental, with was the defining flavor, but the Macedonian has some Basma in it...). For On The Bayou, I believe just adding a bit of Perique to the previous mix will get close. Across the pond is probably not possible, because I do not believe Syrian Latakia is currently available without going into a combat zone..... It might be possible to get close to it by subbing some Dark-Fired mixed with a small amount of Cyprian Latakia. Syrian Latakia was a milder, sweeter, smoother Latakia...almost like smoked cream.... For Frog Morton Cellar, there is a distillery nearby. I will offer to buy old oak whiskey barrel staves from them, add a chunk to the Frog Morton recipe, and allow it to age a bit. >>
  • I have a pound of Sutliff Maple Walnut and it is true to its name as far as the walnut goes but I can't taste the maple at all. I like it because I love English walnuts but it could be sweeter.
  • @Scampi
    Try mixing the walnut blend with something really sweet. I’d recommend Sutliff Molto Dolce, Panna Cotta, or Vanilla Custard, Lane Vanilla Black Cavendish, BCA, or RLP-6. 
  • Thanks Motie2 I'll try that just need to be careful dont want to cover up the walnut.
  • I have not yet tried much Sutliff, but I like Black Spice
  • Sutliff Molto Dolce is a good "first non-drugstore/OTC blend" for neophyte pipe smokers.
    Pleasant taste, excellent room note, no bite (and a soggy dottle.....)
  • BobbyGBobbyG Enthusiast
    Just picked up some Sutcliff Pumkin Spice and Christmas Spice for the holidays I was pleasantly surprised good stuff.
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