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Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day to all of our pipester Fathers and Grandfathers here.

It was a hot one here in South Jersy today, about 94 late this morning while I was watching one of my Grandsons in a Little League tournament. On the way there (and back) I got to smokle a bowl of Sutliff ZBC in a Kaywoodie Standard. This was only the second bowl of this newly jarred jem from P&C. The first out of the bag was okay, this one was MUCH better with just over a weeks rest from its' journey. After at least one more bowl I am going to rate it on my matrix. As of right now it is looking good with a nice fruity component in an unmistakable black cavendish base (thus the BC in the name). Great taste, great aroma.

Later this afternoon I cheated and had a nice Ramon Bueso "Genesis" Robusto cigar (one of my very favorites) and enjoyed it very much. This was at my Sons' house and just seemed to be appropriate as I have been neglecting my cigar collection for months now.

But my point here is to truly wish a Happy Fathers Day to all our Dads and Grandfathers. I know I miss my Dad who has been gone awhile now, and I assume anyone else who has been left fatherless by the ages fell the same way.

Happy Fathers Day......join me and smoke a bowl for our Dads.


  • @motie2 I was doing something similar with my son Jason when he was just old enough to stand up in his playpen. I was tossing an old old stuffed teddy bear at his head, and since he was still pretty unsteady he'd fall back on his but and start giggling. This went on and on ... him tossing it back to me, then once he stood back up and got his sea legs under him I'd pop him in the noggin again and he fall back cackling. Then one time I bounced the teddy bear of his head he let out a bloodcurdling scream. Within seconds a stream of blood was pouring down his forehead. My poor wife ran into the room, lifted him from the playpen and gave me one of those piercing glares that could make my blood run cold. From the looks of things it appeared I hit the poor lad with a hatchet.
    Well what happened was - unbeknown to me - the old stuffed animal once had a wind-up music box located in it's back. One of my cousins gave me the bear for Jason and neglected to mention it had once been a musical bear. Since there was no visible wind-up key I had no idea that under that layer of fuzzy material and stuffing there was a metal music box. So what happened was the corner of the mechanism cracked his little coconut ... well it didn't crack his coconut, but it did give him a pretty good gash just above his forehead. And we all know how bad a scalp wound will bleed. (At least I learned it that day).
    I also learn my lesson about tossing stuffed animals at my kid's head. Of course years later we had our share of footballs and baseballs to the face and groin - but this time it was a shared experience with plenty of pain to go around.      
  • Londy3Londy3 Master
    Been there, done that.
    Yikes! Glad the little dude was not hurt too bad. Bet it was scary at the time though. 
  • I can attest to the head/scalp bleeding.  When I was about 12 and my next oldest brother was 10, dad made us clean up the basement.  My dad had a pile of old boards and and old car muffler (for what reason I do not know, it was not a catalytic converter?) piled against a wall.  Neither my brother or I were pleased to be tasked with this chore.  Well, for some reason, my brother picked up the muffler, swung it like a baseball bat, and cracked me right in the middle of the forehead.  Man that bled like heck for an hour at least, I though I was going to bleed to death.  As it was, I didn’t get any stitches, which I am glad for now.  Actually, if you go back and look at some of my previous pics, you can probably see the divot in my forehead.
  • Londy3Londy3 Master
    Oh.... See, now it all makes sense 🤣
  • motie2motie2 Master
    Our two were made of sturdier stuff, I reckon. Most of the blood shed was inter-fraternal. They really despised each other until they were adults.....

    Amongst the top ten greatest hits was when the younger had a little wooden pounding bench with little wooden pegs and a little wooden hammer.
    SWMBO was sitting on the floor with him and he tagged her right between the eyes with his little wooden hammer.
    Just for grins, I suppose....
    Little Jesse laughed and laughed....

    Anyway, we managed to get through puberty without either one of us accidentally hurting one of the boys.  >:)
    They're now 44 and 42.
  • I remember when I was pretty small, chasing after the kid who had just stolen my Handy Andy tool kit, but the kid opened the lid and took out the hammer I had managed somehow to break one of the claws off, and hit me square in the forehead with it. He took off, and I went bawling back to the house.
  • opipemanopipeman Master
    Being a father, especially of girls, prepares you for dealing with growing old!
  • @AnantaAndroscoggin
    I wonder how kids these days take a whack to the noggin?  They probably need counseling for PTSD.

    I don’t believe it was the muffler incident, it happened earlier😬.   “Darwinism” almost got me when I was standing up in a Little Red Wagon”, fell out of the wagon backwards, and cracked the back of my noggin on the sidewalk.🤪.  I don’t remember much of that one, but I don’t remember bleeding, so it must not have been that bad🤔

    Another time, I was sliding on the ice on the public parks outdoor ice skating “rink” while wearing green and yellow pack boots when a toe stuck an ice bulge and sent me face first straight into the ice…hard.  I blacked out, then started vomiting soon after coming to.  That got me a ride to the ER.

    I’ve cracked two car windshields with my head in collisions…no bleeding though👍🏻  The cars were old, no seatbelts, although I don’t normally wear a seat belt…..break’in the law, break’in the law.  Kinda surprising “Darwinism” hasn’t got me……yet anyway.
  • WintonWinton Master
    Growing up, we had cows. We raised them, until the freezer became empty. This cycle lasted many years. Once, a cow got some weird growths. We all agreed, "I don't want to eat that cow!" 

    We dug a big, deep hole and then Dad shot the cow and we buried it. 

    DON'T TELL MOM!!!!  version. While we were digging the grave, Dad accidentally hit me in the head, with his shovel. The bleeding would not stop. He refused to take me to ER, since he could not figure out how to explain why he hit his son with a shovel. He also said that I had so much hair, no one would ever know about it. Actually, I lost most of my hair in a couple years later. Unfortunately, I did not get a scar. 
  • PappyJoePappyJoe Master

    With a potential tropical storm heading my direction, I thought I would post this now.
  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
    edited June 18
    Batten down the hatches buddy. We'll be thinking/praying for you and yours...
  • buflosabbuflosab Master
    Happy Father’s Day to all!

  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
    It may sound strange, but I think I've seen that moustache before...😏
  • AceFourAceFour Master
    Happy Father's Day!
  • Happy Father's Day to all. And to all a good night.
  • Well, I survived it, with no interruptions from kiddies or other relatives. My wife did hand me a Boston Pops CD with them doing John Philip Sousa marches.
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