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I recently heard a radio talk show with guests who are in the business of raising and selling industrial hemp. It doesn't have enough of the active ingredient (THC ?) that its relatives the marijuana plants have, so it can't get anybody high (iff’n they’re normal, anyway). It seems that a part of the industrial hemp plant is suitable for smoking, and a lot of people are already doing so. They seem to agree that it helps them to relax.

Makes me wonder if we'll sooner or later see trial products of pipe tobacco blends which contain some proportion of industrial help.

Or, if tobacco is ever legislated away, will there be blends with industrial hemp, tomato leaves, potato leaves, deertongue, mugwort, etc., from startup companies.
Here’s a .pdf booklet I ran across on herbal smoking mixtures. And a couple more on flavoring and other ingredients added to tobacco.


  • Londy3Londy3 Master

    Herbal smoking just sounds gross and frankly it stinks.  I have seen these alternative blends and I just can't bring myself to do it.  

    I just think it's interesting the government is saying weed is ok (justifing any kind at this point little by little) but tobacco is an evil killer. They don't put weed in the same classification as tobacco though, why? I don't consider pipe tobacco the same as cigarettes at all but it's lumped under the same classification. We don't even inhale this stuff for God's sake!

    What's the push for herbal-weed smoking?  I don't see the money trail unless they are trying to replace the Tobacco money trail they distroyed. 

    When I was growing up, weed was evil and losers used the drug. Tobacco was a form of relaxation.  How things got twisted.

  • I dunno, but the majority of the pot-smokers I've encountered in the past (who carry on about how much they smoked) tended to be among the dullest people alive. And a lot of them were very easily impressed by the inanities they spouted, so I guess that's where the myth that "pot makes you creative"  may have started.
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