What books is everybody reading right now?

Just wandering what everyone reading right now


  • The Great Shark Hunt by Dr. Hunter Stockton Thompson.
  • Trout Streams of Northern Georgia and North Carolina by Carter
  • Snow in Vietnam by Amy M. Le.
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    @motie2, Have read it also, fan of HST. Guess I became a fan of HST when he was writing articles for Rolling Stone. Have  about 4 or 5 books written by him and a few written about him.
  • @buflosab A couple of decades ago, Jann needed money and offered lifetime subscriptions to RS for one hundred bucks. The mailing label on my issues says my subscription expires in 2055.

    RS is where I first encountered the Good Doctor. I have all his books. Reading Shark Hunt for the nth time (I’m 73). 
  • @motie2, used to buy RS were ever they were sold. A few yrs back I decided to get a subscription to RS and it was great, a yearlong subscription, unfortunately RS kept renewing my subscription without my being notified. So that was the end of that. HST would have a field day today if you catch my drift. Nice chatting with you as always.
  • Just starting "Revival" by Stephen king.  I fell away from his books for a few years but as usual I ended up back with a King novel in my hands. 
  • Yeah, well, wait until you're old: the seemingly inevitable cataracts make reading difficult.
  • Went through Watertown, TN and stopped at a local diner for pie and coffee. There was an antique store behind it. I went in there and picked up a copy of a neat little book that caught my eye simply because of it's pristine condition. It was about a cigar store Indian. Written in 1958 by Elizabeth Honness, hard bound, with a plastic dust cover and full artwork, the title "Mystery Of The Wooden Indian". The old man wanted a dollar for it. $1. I gladly obliged him as it was about a tobacco store Indian. Now, when I got home the 188 pages that ensued told a story on the level of a middle schooler, but the story it brought to me and the 2 1/2 hours of pleasure it gave me was well worth the dollar I spent. What made it even more awesome was I looked it up on Amazon. You can't find a book like it, in this condition for less than $130.00. I think I'll send it to my grandsons in Virginia.
  • With Halloween fast approaching I pulled out my "Haunted Indiana" book, seeking locations near me in Indiana that might be worth a visit.
  • Varney the Vampire or the feast of blood 

    This penny dreadful has been mentioned in so many histories of Horror fiction that I google it to see if anyone had a free PDF. Project Gutenberg had a free download. It owns the name. It is lurid fiction for the masses. It is probably only worth reading to put the horror fiction that came after I'm done perspective. 
  • @motie2;I share you pain and unfortunately your cataracts. I've been using the zoom function on my tablet and it helps some. 
  • Reading The Last Detail by Darryl Ponicsan. Maybe some of you have seen the movie with Jack Nicholson. Three sailors, one of which is going to the Brig, the other two are escorting him. They all get into all kinds of situations. Recommend reading and viewing.
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    The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings - intertwines 4 biographies into a single (BIG) book - Lewis and Tolkien, Owen Barfield and Charles Williams. Strong pipe presence!
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